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19 Of The Weirdest Things Teachers Caught Students Doing
What would you do if you're a teacher who caught your student doing something that was just plain awkward? While students are expected to behave a certain way while on school grounds, it's important to know that kids will be kids. These 19 teachers reveal the unusual things they've caught their students doing during school hours. Find out what went down in these shocking confessions.

Kids these days...

My students are so awkward.  I caught one talking about being single and she went on a mini rant in class about being single.  

I was just walking past lol

How do you even confront this?

One of my first grade students was humping the rug today during inside recess.  Uhg. So uncomfortable. #goplaybutnotwithyourself

This is so scandalous.

I'm a teacher. Two of my favorite students are dating. I caught her making out with his best friend today. I'm heartbroken 😢


I saw my student purposely pulling her bra strap out of her T-shirt to try and tease the male students. Kids have no decency these days.

Digging for gold.

My coworkers gave me a card with a picture of 1 of my students caught picking his nose with the caption "We picked this just for your birthday!" It made me laugh so hard.

Kids think they're so sneaky sometimes.

I caught one of my students trying to  lie to me. She told me she was sick and told her mum I was sick. We both called each other to confirm.