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17 Overweight Women Reveal How They Feel When People Call Them Fat
People can be really mean. Humans will insult each other for basically any reason we can find. For overweight people, the bullying and name calling seems to be doubled and their appearance provides the haters with an easy target. Women are already picked apart about the appearance. Overweight women are criticized even more so. These 17 overweight women get honest about how it feels when someone calls them "fat." Some embrace it and don't mind at all, while others find it extremely upsetting and hurtful. These confessions will hopefully make you think twice about what you say.


Everyone has a type. I'm overweight and I don't care when people call me fat and gross. Some people don't like it, but I'm not over here whining about it.

Family should lift you up, not break you down.

My sister knows that I struggle with my weight and I want to lose weight. She just called me fat and that hurts more than a knife in the heart. It gets me so depressed every time.
I honestly don't care when people call me fat. 1. I'm damn cute. 2. It's not going to matter after I have my weight loss surgery and turn into an unrecognizably hot woman.

People don't always realize how much their words can destroy us.

Someone called me fat and disgusting. What hurts me the most is that I also think that's true.

Uncalled for.

I don't care when people call me fat, but once my sister says, "eat it and get fatter," that crosses the line....

Everyone is battling their own demons.

I know I'm not perfect, but I hate when other people call me fat. I eat healthy and exercise, but my antidepressant causes me to gain weight. When someone calls me fat I just wanna die.