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These 19 People Reveal The Most Insane Thing They've Ever Done
We all have stories that we look back on in our lives and think, "Wow! That was insane!" These people share their most insane moments for your reading pleasure. From near death experiences to almost unbelievable moments, these will leave you in absolute shock.

But why!?

I injected my hand with watered down starburst on a dare.

I still have a lump on my hand.


I once saved my dad from being jumped by gang members in front of our house by running outside in just underpants and a sword.

Insanely in love.

Once I traveled across the country to see my boyfriend for few hours. We were so in love.

Oh, alcohol.

I once ran through my neighborhood in my boxers screaming "God Save The Queen" at the top of my lungs. I was drunk. Yes, this was in the states.


I got a handy from a girl on a road trip with my mom in the car. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking!

What a hero.

I ran in front of a moving truck to save a pregnant dog. The guy wasn't stopping and I just reacted.