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Couples Tell All: The Last Straw That Led To Our Divorce
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Just not cool.

My husband just went to the bar to "hang out" with a chick he used to work with. That was the last straw. Divorce here we come...


I hit a last straw in my marriage last month. Told him last week I wanted a divorce. He got drunk last night (not surprising) and yelled via text and threw things in the trash.

You're a couple for a reason.

I’m so upset with my husband; leaving me alone at home to go bowling are you kidding me!!! This is the last straw I want a divorce soon.

Some support would have been nice.

I'm going to divorce my husband for telling me that my chronic illness is all in my head. It's the last straw.

Your feelings are complicated.

The last straw was feeling nothing during sex. Asking for a divorce soon. Feeling sad and lost.

There are lines you should never cross.

He put his hands on me. That was the last straw. I'm getting a divorce.