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13 Men Who Gained Sympathy Weight During Their Wive's Pregnancies
It's a given that women are expected to gain weight during pregnancy. But some men may also put on a few pounds during their partner's pregnancy. The phenomenon, known as "sympathy weight" can happen for a variety of reasons as these 13 men show. Find out what they had to say about it in these honest confessions.

Sympathy weight is a struggle.

When my girlfriend got pregnant I gained "sympathy weight". I gained more weight than she did during her pregnancy.

Thanks to #dadbod for making it acceptable.

I am so happy that all that sympathy baby weight I gained when my wife was pregnant 15 years ago has finally become acceptable.  #dadbody

There's only so much you can do.

My wife told me I wasn't as attractive as I used to be since I gained weight. I gained weight with her while she was pregnant and now I work almost constantly to support my family.

It never seems to end.

When my wife was pregnant, I gained weight with her. She lost a lot after birth, but I kept it on. Now imagine that times 4. Now that the kids are a bit bigger, I have the time and energy to get fit.

It's how you showed love.

When my wife got pregnant, I gained weight with her so she wouldn't feel alone. I want to show my kid how much I love my wife from the start.

It's not your fault.

My wife is mad I gained sympathy weight while she's pregnant. I couldn't help it.