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18 Amazing Stories Of Bisexual People Who Finally Came Out
Coming out as bisexual can be really scary. The fear that people won't accept you or will look at you differently is terrifying. However, it's always best to live authentically and open up to those you love. These people reveal their brave experiences when coming out. Follow along as these emotional, funny and shocking confessions will remind you that love always trumps hate.


When I came out as bi to my dad, his reply was...

"Good girl, I always knew you weren't fussy"

It all makes sense now.

I came out to my parents. My mom told me I wasn't really bisexual because she's only seen the guys I date. I looked at her and said, "mom, you really believed in the sleepovers?"

Sometimes it takes a while.

I came out as bi to my family when I was 12. My mom has accepted it but my dad is still in denial. I'm 18 now haha

What an awesome grandma.

When I told my Grandma that I was bisexual she said, 'you always have been greedy' then she hugged me.

My grandma is the best ♡

It does get better.

When I came out as bi my parents banned me from seeing the girl I was with. Now they've accepted it and want to meet any girl I'm with.

Family knows sometimes.

Came out as bi to my cousin... he just looked at me and said "Dude you only just figured that out? I've known since we were 13."