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These Couples Literally Saved Each Other's Lives
Saying that your romantic partner saved your life is a phrase that many people throw around. Many people mean it in a more figurative sense. But what if the person you loved literally saved you, what if you truly wouldn't be alive without them? Keep reading to find out how these couples saved each other.


My boyfriend saved my life yesterday by getting me medical help after I stopped breathing from asthma. I woke up to him holding my hand with tears in his eyes praying to God to not take me from him. He's the one.

Like something out of a movie.

I met my husband when he saved me from a man who kidnapped me

Always someone to live for.

Yesterday the depression almost won. I overdosed because I couldn't handle living anymore. I woke up in an ER and am alive today because my boyfriend saved my life.


My girlfriend is a true hero. What. She doesnt know is that i died in her car a few minutes ago and she beat on my chest and restarted my heart i love u baby u saved my life.

Complete turn around.

When I met my boyfriend, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He stuck by me and got me away from that lifestyle. Now we are expecting our first child together and I'm so happy. He saved my life.

Good boyfriend.

My boyfriend saved my life today. Had an asthma attack in the pool and he ran all the way upstairs to get my inhaler 
My hero 💙

Aww <3

My girlfriend doesn't know how she saved my life. Just the way she talks to me makes think that killing myself would do someone else harm
When I was at my lowest point, my girlfriend still doesn't know that she saved my life by being her.
I was thinking about suicide.

When someone shows you the love you deserve...

I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused growing up . My husband saved my life <3

Tragedy with a silver lining...

I got into a car accident that my fiancé passed away in, and the man that saved my life will be my husband tomorrow
How'd I meet my wife? She was the EMT who saved me from a car accident. I feel blessed

Sometimes the person who saved you has no idea.

When I met my husband I was anorexic. He saved my life and he has no idea.
I wish my girlfriend knew how much she meant to me. She literally saved my life the day she messaged me.

Just takes one person to turn life around...

My husband completely changed my life, I was forever getting drunk, getting high and sleeping around because I couldn't get over my ex.....my family adores him because he saved me....I love him
My girlfriend just saved me from relapsing and she has no idea. I love her so much for what's he does for me.
I got diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13. Now I'm 34, I have no license and no qualification. I once had an attack during shower but my wife saved me. I'm so glad that I have her, but I'm very afraid of those attacks:/

What a story.

I was at the beach alone,  crying because I had given up on life when a stranger sat next to me and started talking to me.  That day he saved me from killing myself. Today,  he's my husband.

Happy endings.

I was raped & had an abortion 3 years ago today. The only person that knows is my husband, who saved me from suicide after the abortion. Now we have two beautiful children!
My husband is an amazing man and I'm beyond blessed that he saved me from the not so good situation I was in with my ex

Tough love is important.

If it weren't for my husbands "tough love", I wouldn't be here to tell the tale. He is my only light in my darkness. He's been there for me for 10 yrs, more than anyone in my life.


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