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13 Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Guy's Nights
Despite how happy you may be with your partner, a healthy relationship is all about balance between your social life and your lover. That's why it's important to have the occasional night out with your friends without your significant other in tow. That doesn't mean your partner won't have an opinion about it. These 13 women reveal what they think about their men going out on guy's nights. Read on for their honest opinions.

Fake it till you make it.

When he is having a guy's night so you're forced to sit at your own apartment like the patient, sweet, not crazy overly attached girlfriend you really are.

You can't help but worry.

I have so much anxiety when my husband has his "guy's night." Not because I think he'll cheat, but because I'm scared he'll drive drunk.

Party pooper.

As a woman, I'm pissed that after years of going to guy's night, I'm no longer invited because one girlfriend thinks it's not guy's night if I'm there.

Just be honest.

I have no problem with my man having a guy's night, but I do have an issue with him lying every single time he has one 😅

Double standard.

My husband is going out on a guy's night. I immediately made plans to have a girl's night too. He's trying to hide the jealousy, but cant. I don't have to stay home while he's out.

Watch out.

It's boy's night. Somehow my husband convinced me to host it at our house. If any of these jerks make a mess they will be forced to clean it. I will not clean up after his drunk friends.