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Confession: I Once Bribed A Cop To Get Out Of A Ticket
Seeing the police lights in your rearview mirror and hearing the sirens is one of the top worst feelings ever. Getting pulled over makes most people extremely uncomfortable, on top of upset about their probable ticket on the way. These people did not like the idea of getting a ticket so they took matters into their own hands. Bribing a cop is extremely illegal and can lead to even more trouble. However, it worked for these troublemakers and they somehow got out of a ticket. Read on to see what actually went down when they bribed a cop.

Im a police officer and I took a bribe the other day. A five year old kid who was in the car I pulled over offered me a tootsie roll for a warning. I accepted. I am now officially a crooked cop.


I was camping in a park and the cops rolled up and arrested everyone but me because I gave a cop a bump of coke. In the end, it wasn't worth it.
I am a cop and I let someone bribe me in exchange for 200$

DQ for the win.

I work at Dairy Queen and a local cop pulled me over and he would always come into DQ and I always served him. Told him I’d give him an order up to $50 for free if he let me go, he did.
I once tried to bribe a cop with curly fries

To each their own.

I once let a cop give me a foot massage to get out of a ticket. People are into some weird stuff...