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The Truth Behind Becoming A Cam Girl
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19 women talk about their job as a cam girl.

So because I'm a camgirl apparently I'm a shit person, I'm a husk and have no dignity. No just no. I have no time for a job and I'm very open about my body and have a lot of respect for myself

Sometimes you do it out of necessity.

I'm a cam girl because my day job doesn't pay enough.
I'm a cam girl yes I sell my time to ppl  and we either talk  or talk nude or I play with my self and no I'm not ashamed because  I need to pay my medical bills so it  makes it a little easier on me
It's helping me pay bills and has gotten me above water. 500 in my first 2weeks, not a bad start. I have a degree and take care of children as my day job. I'm a camgirl. I'm just your everyday person
I became a cam girl because: 1. I'm broke. 2. If random guys are going to ask for pics and vids, I may as well get paid for it. 3. My body is powerful so fuck your judgment.
I became a 
cam girl to pay 
off my traffic 
I've discovered 
I like being naughty.