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The Wildest Things Drunk People Did On St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is a day where it's perfectly acceptable to drink and be drunk. After all, if you're not Irish you can totally just pretend to be and throw on some green! With that said, it's no surprise that some shocking things go down during the holiday, which is why these 17 people have some interesting stories to tell. Follow along as they detail the wildest things that went down during their St. Patty's Day celebrations. Here's what they had to say.

A night to remember.

One time on St. Patrick's Day, my cousin had no green so my sister convinced him to get a green tiger tattoo on his forearm.

Surprising even yourself.

Once I took some molly and at a bar on Saint Patrick's day, I landed down into a perfect splits twice! Never knew I could do that. Sore the next day.

Can't believe he did that.

On St. Patty's Day, my friend got so drunk, he peed out the window into our common area 8 stories below.  It was an all-girls dorm.


I hooked up with a guy in a portable toilet during a St. Patty's day pub crawl. He was wearing a kilt... I couldn't resist.

It could happen...

I once got so high on St. Patrick's Day that I thought I was being chased around a tree by a leprechaun.

You're welcome.

I saved a guy from drowning on St. Patrick's Day. He was drunk and didn't even say thank you.