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21 Shocking Reasons People Left Their Partner At The Altar
Most people spend their entire youth dreaming about their wedding day, planning every single detail of their perfect day. So imagine their surprise when on the day of, they decide to leave their betrothed behind and run away. What goes into that decision? Were their cold feet absolutely freezing? Did they find out shocking information that completely turned their world upside down? Or did they realize their feelings weren't what they thought it was. The answers to all of that and more in the confessions below!

Plot twist!

4 years ago I left my bride at the altar. 

Now, years later I'm happily married and I have 2 wonderful kids. 

With her cousin.

Betrayal is a definite deal-breaker.

I left my boyfriend at the altar and I don't feel bad about it because it turns out he was sleeping with my stepmother.

She did the right thing.

Talk about bad timing. I finally accepted that I was gay and I left my fiance the day of my wedding. I knew I couldn't spend my life with him and I'd be making a mistake.

They had it coming.

It's been a week since I left my cheating ex at the altar and I've never felt better

Well that backfired.

Took Lorazepam on my wedding day. Was loopy as heck. All to prevent cold feet. Ended up passing out and missing my wedding.

Talk about timing.

Over two years ago I left my fiancé at the altar and moved to California. Best decision I've ever made.