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Body After Baby: 16 Raw Confessions On New Moms & Their Postpartum Bodies
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The experience of giving birth is amazing.

I’m incredibly proud of my body for going through the process of creating life. The body you have after birth is a reminder that you’re amazing!

The weight isn't an issue for some.

Everyone tells me I should be happy to be getting my body back after giving birth, with only one stretch mark but I really dont want my body going back. I liked the weight gain

While you love your baby, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your body.

After taking a certain birth control and having 2 kids, I'm so self conscious about my body. I hate it. It's to the point I don't ever want to be intimate with my husband

A supportive partner is important.

I feel ashamed for having a "mom" body. I normally have belly and thick thighs but I just feel more disgusted with my body after I gave birth to my son. My partner doesn't help at all. I feel ugly.

Things change.

I’m still learning to cope with my body after a year of giving birth. My weight is the same again but my body is not.

Stretch marks aren't something to hide.

When I had my daughter, My body went through tremendous changes in 9 months and quicker changes after the birth. I still have stretch marks and I’m not ashamed of them