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18 OMG Ways Employees Get Back At Rude Customers
Working customer service has its good days and bad days. Most of the customers you run into are pleasant to serve, but then there's that one customer that seems to have it out for you. While you're taught to be professional on the job, sometimes it can be too difficult to hold back. Read on to see how these 18 employees got back at a rude customer.


I work in a pet store. Sometimes, I tell rude customers that they can eat the dog treats because they're organic. They're not.
I work retail, and when I get a really rude customer who demands I go look for items in the back, I just go back and sit there for a few minutes and tell them we don't have it.  No regrets.
When I get a rude customer, I find the dirtiest coin in the till to give to them as change.
I work in retail. And if you're a rude customer, idc if I'm the only cashier I'll say I'm closed.

Don't mess with food service employees.

I work at Subway, if I get a rude customer I give them the hardest bread I can find in the cabinet.
When I get a really rude customer, I make their coffee super hot so it burns their mouth!
I work in a deli. If you're being a rude customer, I write "asshole" in mustard while making your sandwich.
I work in a cafe and I can assure you if you are a rude customer we complain about you when you leave.

Sarcasm at its finest.

I love it at work when I get a rude customer I just say nice things in a sarcastic voice and watch their confusion


I work at a pharmacy and I take pleasure in telling rude customers their insurance was terminated

Revenge is sweet.

I am a Valet and if I deal with a rude customer I fart in their car
When I get a rude customer, I'm always sure to squish their grapes, crush their cheese, or shove their bread in the bottom of the bag.
One time a customer was talking shit about me in Spanish and I understood every word. So I charged her card twice


I work in retail and sometimes, when a rude customer asks for a manager I just say that I'm a manager 😈
If a customer is rude to me, I'll demagnetize their credit card with a magnet I keep on my register
When i have to deal with a rude customer @ my job, i make up stories about them that help explain why they're such assholes.
I work in a bank and the only way I can get "even" with a rude customer is to give them worn out, mutilated, or mystery stained cash.  And I do.

No regrets.

Today, I got fired for telling a rude customer to be respectful and apologize to me.. I have no regrets.
Whenever I get a rude customer at work I purposely get something wrong just to vent a little frustration and get back at them


18 OMG Ways Employees Get Back At Rude Customers