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When Coworkers Have A Crush On You, Things Can Get REALLY Awkward
It's always flattering when someone has a crush on you. However, it's super annoying when it's from an undesirable suitor. It's even more awkward when your crush works with you! These employees reveal the most awkward instances where a fellow office mate laid the googly eyes on them. These confessions will remind you why such rules to prevent in-office dating are in place!

Take it as a compliment.

I had no idea my 19 year old coworker has a crush on me until a few days ago. I'm a 22 year old single mom working a crummy minimum wage job. I don't see what about me could be attractive to him.

So awkward!

My only guy coworker has a crush on me and he's married.  His wife works next door. Awkward.

You can always ask nicely?

I'm sure my coworker has a crush on me, but it is a little annoying. I wish she would say something instead of just staring at me all the time.


My manager said she thinks my coworker has a thing for me.
I had to keep myself from drifting into a fantasy in front of her.

What a shame he's too young and taken.

Cruel intentions.

My coworker has a crush on me so I subtly say and do things just to tease him and make it less awkward.

Believe in yourself!

It's obvious my coworker likes me, but I'm too socially inept to accept that someone so gorgeous likes me.