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I've Fallen In Love With My FWB. This Wasn't Supposed To Happen
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I am in love with my FWB. I am trying to see other people but nobody measures up to him. He is actually nice.
I've accidentally fallen in love with my FWB....
I’ve been in love with my fwb since the start of 2018 we kept having sex we finally stopped December but I can’t get over him and he’s speaking to somebody it sucks
I fell in love with my fwb so now I avoid him  how do I tell him I'm in love with him ? I'm just so scared to get rejected
I’m in love with my fwb and we never agreed on it being fwb we acted like a couple the whole time just so I can find out he has other fwbs
i’ve fallen in love with my fwb of 6months, but can’t even tell him 😩 because i don’t want to mess it up.