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17 Adults Admit To What They Really Thought About Being Homeschooled As Kids
Most people have plenty of memories from their childhood that involve school. The finger painting, school plays, recess, class crushes, school dances and memorable teachers are only a few of the many experiences most people have. Whether you hated or loved school, it paved your way into adulthood and made an impression on you. Not everyone got the 'normal' school experience though. Homeschool is an option that some parents choose for their kids. For better or for worse, this experience too makes quite the impact on these kids in their later years. These confessions get real about how these adults feel about their homeschooled education as kids.

Bittersweet indeed.

I just binge watched Degrassi Next Class and I'm 29. I know it's kind of creepy, but I was home schooled during high school so I like to watch high school dramas sometimes. It's bittersweet.

Ustick, Idaho, US

Sounds so lonely.

My entire life I was home schooled. I wasn't even allowed to make friends and only left home for church. I've finally moved out and found social media, but I don't even know how to make friends to add me.

Chesham, England, GB

Those are some STRONG feels.

I was home schooled.
My mother did me and my siblings a great disservice by doing that. We all kind of hate her for it & think that homeschooling should be considered child abuse or neglect.

Hudson, Michigan, US


I was homeschooled, and I honestly feel like it has set me up to fail.
I have such a little chance at a normal, successful life. I wish I was just sent to school like any other child.


Works great for some people.

I was homeschooled.

Other then not being  able to get into a 4 year school, because of being homeschooled, I don’t think I missed anything. Kind of happy I didn’t go to the local high school.

Severn Manor, Virginia, US


I'm 32 and I don't like to admit that I was homeschooled because my dyslexia tends to make me look stupid. I never went to college and I'm not successful in any way.

Mesa, Arizona, US