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"My Dad Cheated On My Mom. He Doesn't Know That I Know"
16 Kids React To Finding Out Their Parents Are Unfaithful

My dad is marrying the woman he cheated on my mom with. Got his wedding invitation in the mail today and burnt it. I feel fantastic. Screw you dad.
My mom hasn't worn lipstick in 25 years because my dad didn't like it... My dad cheated on her.. Today she wore bright pink lipstick and I couldn't be more proud of her! I love you momma..
My dad wants to bring the woman he recently cheated on my mom with to my wedding. I am tempted to ask my father in law to walk me down the aisle just so my wedding isn't ruined for my mom.
Finding out that I have another sibling because my dad cheated makes me angry and sad for the kid because he grew up without a father.
When I was a teen my parents were going through a divorce because my dad cheated I started stealing money from his wallet to buy nice things for my mom
My dad cheated on my mom and she never left. They have no idea that I know. I can never look at my dad the same.
My dad cheated on my mother while he was deployed, my mother only stayed with him for me and  my sister he doesn't know that I know
My dad cheated on my mom and walked out. It makes me sad sometimes to think of all the things in our lives he's missing out on because of his choice. 
Possibly including my wedding.
My cousin got a divorce because her husband cheated on her, so her husband decided to get on a plane and leave his 2 year old son with his mom....now every time the kid sees a plane he yells"bye dad!"
I lost my respect for my dad once I learned that he cheated on my mom.
He was just texting, but him having the thought of it disgusts me.
I hate that my mom is still with my dad after she found out he's cheated on her for years.
My dad cheated on my mom and left although I begged him to stay. Nearly 9 years later and I still feel betrayed.
My dad cheated on my mom and married his mistress after the divorce. I like my stepmom so much more than my own mother.
My dad cheated on my mom. He doesn't know I know. I've been trying to bring it up but I don't know how. I don't know how to feel.
I have trouble trusting men because my dad cheated on my mom multiple times.. and I've even caught him cheating once--he got mad at me for telling my mom
Wow. My dad is engaged to the one he cheated on my mom with. I dread the wedding day. It'll break my moms heart all over again. Luckily they don't have a date set yet.
My dad cheated on my mom a few weeks ago and I absolutely hate how I have to watch my mum cry everyday.
Same happened to me! 
My mom tried to kill herself before we heard the "good" news. 
it's so hard to leave her alone... I'm scared that she will try it again
My dad cheated on my mom before I was even born. He now has a mistress with a 8 year old illegitimate daughter that he fully supports. My mom and dad never divorced because of financials. And he asks me why am I so rude to him?
Just found out that my dad cheated on my mom. 

I don't know how to look at him now


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