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19 Surprising Ways Multiple Marriages Affect Your Kids
Divorce can be tough on children, but what is it like going through not one, but multiple divorces and marriages? With the divorce rate as high as it is, it's no surprise that many people nowadays have several ex-husbands and ex-wives. But how do the children feel about that situation? These 19 kids are opening up about their feelings towards their parents' multiple marriages throughout the years. Find out how they really feel about it in these brutally honest confessions.

Having a parent with multiple marriages can really mess with your views on love.

My mom is on her third marriage with constant fighting... She wonders why I hate relationships and love

Set a good example for your kids.

My dad is on his third marriage, my mom is on her second. I am 27 and I'm never getting married because of them.

Adding to the problem.

My mom is the reason the divorce rate is so high. 

This is her sixth marriage.



My mom cares more about her third husband than she does about me :(

This is becoming a routine.

Found out today my mom is having an affair. Again. This is her fourth affair and her third husband. I love my mom, but goddamn, enough is enough. I love my stepdad too much to see him in pain.

Getting attached is not an option.

When my mom married her fourth husband I said I'm done trying to build a family with whoever she's with and I am not getting attached.