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17 Guys Reveal What Girls Should Not Put In Their Dating Profiles
Mobile apps have revolutionized the way an entire generation approaches dating. Gone are the days where you have to leave your house in order to find a perfect match. However, when it comes to creating a profile about yourself in the most appealing manner possible, guys notice that some girls lack the necessary ideas to make guys want to swipe right. Pay close attention girls, guys have banded together and took note of what girls should avoid putting in their bio and the kind of pictures they shouldn't post.

Nobody wants to play the guessing game.

I hate when a girl's dating profile contains pictures that are all group pictures. Am I supposed to guess which one she is?

We're all here for the same reasons.

I love when girls say on their profile that they are on a dating app cause their friend made them do it. You're on this app because you're lonely like everyone else.

Spelling and grammar go a long way.

Just saw this on some girl's tinder profile:  

"More degrees 
A thermometer."

Yeah real scholarly.

Learn from your mistakes.

Almost every girl's tinder profile: 
"No Netflix and Chill."

What's not said: "Because I did that and now I'm a single mom."

Make up your mind.

Girls on dating apps:  "No hook ups" "I don't respond to hi or hey" "I'm just looking for friends not a relationship" Well, then why did you even make a profile?

If you only show your face, what are you hiding?

Girls, if you have an online dating profile, and every picture is a close-up of your face... Just want you to know you're not fooling anybody but yourself.