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True Life: I Was Raised By Hippie Parents
Hippies are known for the unconventional style, unique way of life and open-minded thoughts. These free loving people reject societal norms and dance to the beat of their own drum. Despite their reputation, these people work and raise families just like anyone else. Think it would be interesting to the be spawn of these folks? These people were raised by hippie parents and have a lot to say about their upbringing. These free loving confessions will make you wish you were brought up by hippies too!

Nothing wrong with being unique.

I tried to find a Coke bottle with my name on it. Then I realized I'm black with hippie parents who decided to name me a name no one else in the world has :/... Thanks mom and dad.

Oh no!

My name sounds like a porn star name...darn my hippie parents.


People think because my parents are hippies, that I was allowed to get away with stuff growing up.

What they don't get is that my parents are Mexican and German. I got away with nothing!

Makes sense!

Coming out as gay to my liberal hippie parents was no sweat.
Coming out to them as a Republican was a little more difficult.

The guilt is real.

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to shop at Victoria's Secret because their makeup is tested on animals and my parents are hippies. I just bought my first bra from VS, I feel so guilty that I might return it.

Curious people.

When friends/people meet my parents & realize they're hippies, for some reason they ask me about my childhood and end up being amazed. LOL.