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23 Criminals Who Have Hearts Of Gold
Sometimes people fall on hard times and are compelled to do unsavory or illegal things just to survive. Some of these people land in prison for the crimes they have committed but that doesn't necessarily mean they are terrible people. Often these individuals learn from their past experiences and choose make better futures for themselves. It's never too late to be a good person!

Sometimes people are well intentioned with their crimes...

My family doesn't know this... But I sold drugs in highschool to help pay for family expenses my mom wouldn't help with
When I was 16 I sold drugs to make money on the side and bought my mother a house.

I am 36 now and to this day she still doesn't know.
I sold drugs and made more money than both my parents together. 
I snuck money in their wallets so they thought they had more and they felt better about themselves and could give me what I needed.
I sold drugs to support my family after my dad lost his job.

They try to take something positive away from their time behind bars...

One good thing I got out of prison was learning to draw portraits.
I became very interested in Islam whilst I was in prison. So many people revert in prison. I think my sins are beyond absolving however I would love to be able to dedicate my life to Allah's path.