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These Parenting Fails Will Leave You Laughing On The Floor
Being a parent is never easy. Sometimes even the best parents make mistakes that have them asking themselves, "what have I done?" These confessions are prime examples of their epic fails. Read on to see the parenting mishaps that had these moms and dads shaking their heads in shame.

A little boy acting like a grown man.

My kid just walked into my bedroom only in underwear and cowboy boots and asked if he could have a cold one.  
What does this say about me as a father!?

Kids love imitating their parents.

Parenting fail yesterday: 4yr old son helped himself to my razor in the shower to 'shave like dad'. Bleeding lip for near on an hour, bad mum me!

If only that kid knew what he was crying over...

Last night had some solo fun... this morning can't find my fox tail butt plug. My 5 year old took it and put a bow on it. He actually cried when I took it back.  Epic parent fail!


My son was acting like a jerk today and said I was ugly. Without thinking, I said I'm your future. He cried for 30 minutes. Oops


My 6 year old just emerged from my bedroom using one of my condoms as a balloon. 

Parenting fail.

Hopefully there was no blood or bruises there.

Parenting Fail:
I just punched my 1 year old in the face trying to tighten his car seat straps.