No bad vibes allowed!

I genuinely do not want my future wife to take my name. My last name has bad history and I want to cut it off.

Some value the act more than others.

I'm feeling quite offended that my wife didn't take my last name. It's not so much tradition, it's just not symbolic of the wife and husband becoming one.


My wife didn't take my last name. She's not a property which should be named after the owner.

Trouble in paradise?

A girl not taking my last name is a total deal breaker for me. My fiance told me that she's not down to change her last name after I proposed. I am torn now.

No big deal over here.

My wife didn't take my last name and I didn't care one bit.
I think it's kinda weird to take someone's name.

Everything for a reason!

When my wife and I got married she kept her last name, and as it turned out, it was a good decision. Someone stole her identity, but used her name with my last name. So it was easy to figure out.