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These People Explain Why They Feel They Were On The Bad End Of Karma
Karma is the idea that good deeds will lead to good rewards and bad actions will lead to back luck. Do you think that bad things really happen to people who behave badly? These individuals feel that their bad behavior in the past has already come back to haunt them. Follow along as these confessions further explain why people think they were on the receiving end of bad karma.

That escalated quickly!

This is my karma: I separated from my husband, and had sex with another man. He was the only one, but he gave me chlamydia. I hate this. I’m turning into a lesbian.

Too ironic.

I'm not naturally punctual; I had to learn

My karma for years of tardiness?
Now that I get it, everyone constantly wastes my time being late


Congrats universe. 
I broke up a marriage, and now I'm not happy in the relationship.
And I deserve it.
I stay with him, because this is my karma.
I deserve my misery.

Holy crap.

Karma is real, and has a funny way of getting you.
My karma: made fun of a kid with Tourette's syndrome in 5th grade.
In 8th grade, I was diagnosed with Tourette's.  I regret bullying that poor kid

At least you're aware.

I don’t get bummed out about getting ghosted anymore. I figure it’s my karma for ghosting others. It’s just the way of life now. LOL...

When the glow up bites you in the butt...

When I was a freshman a kid admitted his feelings for me and I laughed it off. 

Junior and senior year I regretted it. He became so fine!
I got my karma.