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25 Hilarious Things People Have Heard Their Partners Say In Their Sleep
"My boyfriend sleep talks and said he was going to sell me on Craigslist..."

Mah boyfriend yells at me in his sleep... He told me to shut up... Just the other day he asked me "help me hide the body"
My boyfriend told me last night in his sleep that he was going to sell me on Craigslist
My girlfriend is so country she's talking in her sleep "there's antifreeze in the water source"
My girlfriend talks in her sleep. One time she rolled over and literally shouted "TRISHA YOU FAT WOMAN GIVE ME MY STARBUCKS!" we don't even know a Trisha.
"Doughnut doughnut."
- My sleeptalking boyfriend
When your boyfriend won't tell you he loves you cause he's waiting for the perfect time but he says it in his sleep all the time. Cutest thing ever
My boyfriend talks In his sleep, and he just told me that he wants to get me a pregnant and for us to have a baby together.
My bf sleep talks. "You think you're too cool for snacks, huh? Too cool for snacks"
So my boyfriend was talking dirty to me in his sleep and when I asked him about it he had no idea what I was talking about 😂
My girlfriend talks in her sleep. Right now she's dreaming about aliens and fried rice. I really hope she remembers this dream when she wakes up
My girlfriend talks in her sleep..last night she woke me up trying to save me from falling boxes at her work
My boyfriend talks in his sleep. Last night he was sleep-laughing and said me and my clones were punching him. Now he's saying "we are past the point of no return, dory." Who tf is dory lol, the fish?
My boyfriend told me he loved me last night in his sleep. 

I said it back. 

Then I told him about it this morning. 
Best decision ever. ❤
My boyfriend talks in his sleep. One night he said "I love you so much, because military supplies are cheaper to buy in surplus". He also told me that I'm a great boat captain because I run over swans
My boyfriend always talk in his sleep. His last one was "Whiskey sounds like something you would feed to cats, who have whiskers." 

I laugh so hard I woke him up and I seriously laugh for 5 minutes
My GF talks in her sleep she literally just said... "Do you have Zubat? Do you have Psyduck? ... Oh I don't have that one!" She might be taking Pokemon Go too seriously for a 23 year old 😂.
My bf sleep talks a lot and I just hear him talk as if he was on the phone with me saying he loves me but he has to go back to work. He's perfect.
I'm sitting on skype with my boyfriend who's passed out and he yells out "daddy loves you" 😂😂 he says the strangest things in his sleep.
My boyfriend called me a cutie pie pumpkin butt in his sleep while cuddling me last night. 🎃
My boyfriend told me in his sleep that I needed to stop crying. Lol I wasn't even crying.


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