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The Heartbreaking Challenges Of Dating With Depression
What it is like going into the dating world when you're depressed? Depression makes everyday life a challenge so trying to date is that much more difficult with mental health issues hanging over your head. These people are sharing their open and honest experiences with dating while depressed. Read on for the heartbreaking challenges they go through when it comes to finding love.

Dating when you have depression is complicated.

Dating with depression is hard some days I'm really happy or fine then other days I just want to be alone.
I have depression & I'm not in a good place for a relationship now, but the guy I like has a girlfriend. Although my head's in the wrong place & I can't think about dating, I still hope they split up
Dating with depression is so frustrating. 😕

Insecure thoughts run through your head.

Of course he'll ignore my message. He's probably chatting with some slim 18yr old instead, who has full, perky breasts, a pert little bottom, and everything else I don't have. #dating with depression
I've given up on dating. Nobody would like somebody like me. I'm not that pretty, not that smart, always wearing black, in love with bands, don't have a lot of money and I have depression.

It can feel like such a chore.

Dating someone with depression is such a task.