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15 Jaw-Dropping Lap Dance Confessions
Lap dances are typically scandalous in nature so it's no surprise that there are some shocking things that can go down. What really happens during the sensuous dance? Follow along as these 15 people share their honest lap dance confessions. From hilariously awkward moments to jaw-dropping scandals, find out what really goes down.

What a disaster.

Once, I tried to be sexy in front of my crush and give this girl a lap dance and my cigarette caught her hair on fire and she tried to fight me and it was horrible 😩😂

What's your emergency?

The one time I tried to give my bf a lap dance he had his phone in his pocket and we accidentally butt dialed 911...

Oh no.

I tried to give my bf a lap dance one time and started my period and bled on his leg.

Stripping isn't for everyone.

One time, I thought it would be fun to try stripping until I attempted to give a guy a lap dance. During the dance he asked what I was doing... Haha!! I never went back after the first day.

That's crazy!

I'm a teacher during the day and stripper during the night. One time a former student saw me and gave me $200 for a lap dance. He asked me out and now we're married.


One time I got drunk and gave a lap dance to a guy while eating a waffle.  If that doesn't describe me idk what does