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I Tried A Sensory Deprivation Tank. Here's What Happened:
Relaxing the body and mind is very important for overall well being. A new trend that mindful people are raving over is sensory deprivation tanks, also known as float therapy or float tanks. These are lightless and soundproof tanks filled with salt water where people float. Humans are weightless in these pods due to all the salt. The point is so relax you and help you leave stress free. Are they really worth the hype though? Take it from these 17 people who have tried it themselves. These confessions will help you decide whether or not a float tank is something you'd like to try.

Sounds lovely.

Float therapy is amazing. Never felt so relaxed and and focused before.

It's not something for the claustrophobic crowd.

I tried float therapy with my friend and I found it terrifying. Floating in a pool in the dark is not my cup of tea.

To each their own.

 I didn't find float therapy very therapeutic, but my sister really loved it. I guess it's all up to the individual.

Sometimes you just need to clear your mind.

When I lived in LA I would do float therapy after midterms and finals because I'd always be so anxious. It really helped me.

What a trip.

Sensory deprivation is awesome. It's like being reborn.


Float therapy is worth it, but the price means you should only do it once or twice. It's not cheap.