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21 Confessions That Prove Break Ups Can Be The Ultimate Motivator
Make that ex jealous.

Because im so pissed about my ex boyfriend and our break up in june, it motivated me to complete goals. I started going to the gym today, when i listen to my music i get pissed about him and work hard
I realize now that breaking up with my cheating ex has motivated me to help other girls in the same situation.
I sorta like breaking up it motivates me to make my ex feel like they made a mistake 6pack and 6 figures here i come ..re-motivated
After a bad break up, he said I wasn't worth anything. Guess who is gonna use that as motivation for medical school. :D
My ex and I have stopped talking. Because of that I got a new job, moving out next month and going back to college. My break up is my motivation to be successful.
After my break up I've been feeling my gifts come back, I think all the stress blocked me from my connection with spirit and my own intuition.