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These Gay Siblings Are Defining The New Normal
Being similar to your sibling is pretty normal. After all, you both were raised in the same household and come from the same parents. For these siblings, they have one more thing in common: they both happen to be gay. These confessions reveal what it's really like when you and your sibling share this trait. Spoiler: it's not always a supportive bond. Sometimes things get complicated when there's "two of you" in the family.

What's normal anyway?

Whenever someone is surprised that both my brother and I are gay, I feign surprise that their siblings are all straight

Gotta love an accepting family.

I'm pretty sure my little brother coming out after me was met with about as much shock and surprise as getting a holiday postcard from a Realtor

So sad.

 My sister and I are both gay. I don't want people judging my parents for having two gay kids so I'm not coming out.

Some people just don't know better.

My brother and I are both gay and out to everyone. My dad happened to have a conversation with me about my brother being "too gay". He chose to tell his other gay son, why??

The unknown can be so scary.

I wonder if my parents will be okay knowing that their daughter and their son are both Gay.

I'm not ready to find out.

Brotherly love.

My brother and I are both gay so it makes everything a massive competition