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"I left my male fiance for my current gf. Best decision I ever made."
Dating is hard. Dating is even harder if you're gay. Life in general is just harder. Even with all the progress we've made as a society, hate and intolerance are unfortunately still all too common, making it hard for many folks to come out and be open with their sexuality. This leads them to get into straight relationships that they don't feel fulfilled in. But these people finally found the courage to be themselves.

A life changing choice, usually for the better.

I left my male fiance for my current girlfriend, best decision of my life

The people who love you just want you to be happy.

I think my boyfriend broke up with me because he is gay. Honestly I'd rather see him dating another man and happy than with another girl.

Not how it works, mom.

My boyfriend broke up with me cause he's gay and has been hiding it.. I tried to tell my mom I was dating a girl (I'm bi btw and always been bi) and she asked me if I was copying him...

She didn't turn gay, she already was gay.

I broke up with my girlfriend of 1yr and she turned gay and started dating my best friend.. I miss her so much and I don't know what to do. On top of that she says she never loved me..

It's okay to be mad, but just remember it's hard for people to come out.

My friend is mad that her boyfriend broke up with her because he realized he was gay, and he was uncomfortable dating her. She's even more mad that he likes her new crush. Wtf?
I've been there. My best friend is gay and was dating my ex boyfriend. Their relationship was just like yours, my ex being you. My ex broke up with him and was honest. Broke his heart but he's over it

That has to hurt the ego a little.

I dated this guy and he broke up with me after four hours. His response?

"I found out I'm gay"

Um how do you find out ur gay after four hours of dating a girl?
I had a ex tell me he was gay and I didn't believe him. After we broke up, he started dating my best guy who is gay. Was it because of me?

A long time to be led on...

My long-term boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because he's gay. I feel so used, like he should have told me 3 years ago when we started dating

What a great way to be remembered...

A couple years ago when I broke up with the guy I was dating a couple months later he came out as gay and now every time his dad sees me he's like "hey it's the girl that turned my son gay" and he says it with a smile as a joke

Sometimes it's trial and error.

That moment when my ex broke up with me because she said she's a lesbian now and dating me helped her realise that 🙂

Some people will be hurt, and might need space.

I recently came out as lesbian, so my boyfriend and I broke up. After 10 years of friendship he doesn't want to still be friends. Even though we were only dating for only two months. 😔

Sexuality is a confusing thing to try and figure out.It

I was dating this girl I knew for two years, we texted and became couples and after that day she broke up and said she was lesbian and would never change 1 month later she says she's straight smh

It can come as a shock.

My ex boyfriend and I broke up and I'm a lesbian I never told him he says why don't we get back together I was like I'm dating somebody he's like who I'm like a girl his jaw dropped I was losing it

The rumors can be hard to deal with.

I'm a girl, and I was dating a girl, but she broke up with me bc of her ex boyfriend saying shit about how she turned lesbian

Yeah, a little embarrassing...

My parents thought I was gay, cause I couldn't tell them about the girls I was dating. 3 of them broke up with me and became lesbian, and I was embarrassed.

Suddenly it all makes sense!

Physical contact with boys wasn't right for me, I missed something there. So I broke up with bf, started dating my current gf and then boom - I'M TOTALLY GAY OMG👭

Better than to be dating for years!

Ugh my boyfriend told me he was gay and broke up w/ me a month after we started dating.😒

You might be able to end up good friends.

I was dating a boy who really liked me... But turns out he way gay! We broke up, and we're still besties.
I'm trying to help him get a boyfriend!


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