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12 Random Acts Of Kindness That Are So Sweet
Love these

There was an old woman at checkout buying cough medicine, her card declined but she didn't know that because it only showed on my screen, I told her it accepted and after she left I re opened the sale and payed for it myself.
I work at a hospital.
Not as a doctor.
I dress up as Disney princesses with my friends and meet sick children.
The only thing I get for this is their smiles.
But that's more then enough.
McDonald's employee helping a disabled man eat

Faith in humanity restored
Lost my wallet this morning. 

A homeless man waited outside my house all day to return it to me.

Faith in humanity restored.
I work at an emergency vet clinic and tonight a nice couple paid $426 to save someone else's dog when they didn't have the money.

Faith in humanity restored.
Black officer is helping a white supremacist to water and shade during KKK rally

I don't know how he could manage to be kind to this guy but my faith in humanity is restored