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Men Confess: My Partner Cheated On Me While She Was Pregnant
It's never easy to find out that your partner is cheating on you. However, it's even harder when it's while they are pregnant with your child. The joyous time of your pregnancy together now turns into dramatic heartache and complications. These men confess how it really feels to find out that your unborn child's mother is sneaking around on you.


My wife cheated when she was pregnant, both times. We got through it though.

So sad.

My ex girlfriend cheated on me when she was pregnant and I found out that the child is not mine.

Anyone is fair game.

My wife cheated on me while she was pregnant. It's not just the dudes who slip up.

Not cool.

My ex wife cheated on me while she was pregnant with our 2nd child. I took care of everything & held down a full time job to take care of our bills. "I just wanted to feel loved" Oh yea? Screw you too.


My wife cheated on me while she was pregnant. 

She gave a BJ to her ex.

I caught it on camera.

Decisions decisions.

My wife just cheated while I was away making money for us and she is pregnant with my kid. Do I stay and be a good father to my kid?  Or divorce and let her move away and I can't be apart of its life. I'm torn.