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21 Honest Opinions About The Gay Character In The Beauty & The Beast Remake
"He wasn't in the original, so leave it be."

My friend thinks they ruined The Beauty and the Beast w/the gay character. I think they ruined the story when they decided to do a live-action version 😕
“LeFou can't be obvioudly gay because it was the 18th century!” Buddy, if you're expecting historical accuracy from Beauty and the Beast, I have some bad news for you.
Hearing how disappointed and upset my parents sounded when they talked about how there's a gay couple in beauty and the beast really upset me
That Alabama theater that banned beauty and the beast for having a gay character probably still let Deadpool, Fifty Shades of Grey, and any other extremely explicit movie screen. I bet on it.
why did they have to put a gay character in the Beauty and the Beast remake? he wasn't gay in the original, so leave it be. not everyone supports that. so stop shoving it down our throats.
Banning beauty and the beast because it has a gay character is like banning a person from a bakery because they prefer ice cream over cookies.
I don't even get what the LGBT hype is. It's not even an open gay couple it's  literally just a gay moment
... still unnecessary for beauty and the beast though... just obviously trying to be PC .-.
People are protesting Beauty and the Beast because of a gay character...
Its 2017 people get over your own stupidy. Some people are gay, get over it.
It's hilarious seeing how Christians are getting their panties in a wad over a gay character in Beauty and the Beast but have no objection to the sorcery in it.
The people complaining about Beauty and The Beast having one gay character honestly need to grow up. One gay character in a movie full of straight people...how dare they?! Honestly. Get over it.
I don't see why people are upset about the gay couple in Beauty and the Beast. It's not the gay community shoving opinions down throats, it's normalizing all relationships
Everyone up in arms over this Beauty and The Beast gay scene is ridiculous. It is 2017 for gods sake. I'm a straight man and a republican. But inclusion and acceptance are important!
I'm gay but I hate that Disney decided to make a previously straight character gay in Beauty and the Beast" instead of creating a new gay character who has his own story.
I hate how everyone is concerned with beauty and the beast having a gay character and no focus is put on Gaston being a chauvinist.
It frustrates me people want Disney to remove the gay scene in Beauty and the Beast.. I knew LeFou was gay before I knew it was possible for two boys to kiss. Just don't watch it, it's that simple.
So most characters in Beauty and the Beast are probably straight. There's 1 gay character? 2? So it's fairly representative of the population. 
Right, "Bruh"? 
Dear disney ,
I couldn't care any less about a gay character in Beauty and beast....
Just pleeeeease make Elsa gay.


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