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Married Men Who Wish They Experimented With Other Men Before Tying The Knot
On the surface, it looks like your life is perfect. You're married to a beautiful woman, have a great job and a life you've dreamed of. However, there's a problem: you can't get the thought of being with a man out of your head. These 13 men are in that predicament and reveal all of the reasons why they wish they experimented with men before tying the knot. Find out what they had to say in these shocking confessions.

So much for that.

I wish I sexually experimented with other men before I got married. I have so many fantasies I won't get to try now

Tap into your feminine side.

I'm engaged to a woman that I love more than anything. Sometimes I wish I experimented with men before I met her. I want to experience being the "woman"

Life had other plans.

I wish I had experimented before I got married. I always wanted to be with a man. But life apparently had me on a heterosexual path.

Too late now.

I wish I would have experimented with my bisexual urges before I married my wife.

It's not that you don't love your spouse.

I love my wife very much but lately I've been thinking about being with a man and I wish I had done something about it before getting married.

Just one.

I find myself fantasizing about men even though I'm married. I wish I had just one gay experience before committing my life to my wife