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18 Restaurant Cooks Share Their Back-Of-The-House Confessions
Servers, hosts and bartenders are the face of the restaurant as front-of-the-house staff. But what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant with the people who actually make your food? These 18 cooks are spilling their back-of-the-house secrets to show you what they really do with your food. Read their surprising confessions to find out.

Cooks share their restaurant secrets.

I'm a cook at work and I am honestly bummed out when people don't clean their plate or eat a lot of it.


I'm a cook.  And anytime any of us drop food on the floor we just pick it up and continue cooking.
Sometimes at work I pick my nose and don't wash my hands. I'm a cook.
I'm a cook and I have some seriously disgusting, if not dangerous habits.
I'm a cook in a restaurant and have no option but to sadly support American obesity.

Don't eat the oysters.

I'm a cook in a restaurant. 
Anytime someone orders raw oysters i seriously hope they end up getting legitimately sick from eating them.