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19 Raw Confessions From People Going Through A Mental Breakdown
In today's fast-paced world, mental health can be pushed to the wayside during stressful times. However, sometimes things escalate to the point where they can no longer be ignored. These 19 people reveal what led to the awful mental breakdowns they experienced. Find out what happened and how it all went down in these shocking confessions.

Unfortunately, the stigma against mental illness is alive and well.

Once again I had a mental breakdown that prevented me from going to my classes in college. I can’t even tell my teachers because they will laugh at me.

How scary.

I had a mental breakdown not too long ago. I was hearing voices and thought people were purging lol. I ended up going to the hospital because it got so bad.

That hurts.

I got dumped because I shaved my head during a mental breakdown. No regrets that I did it, but it broke my heart that he was so shallow...

People can be cruel.

Today I had a mental breakdown because of my social anxiety and my PTSD in public and this guy made fun of me and humiliated me. This is why I don’t want to live in this society anymore. 😕

Enough is enough.

My ex caused me to have a mental breakdown. Now she won't stop texting me and is making it worse.

It never seems to end.

My last job caused me to have a mental breakdown. I didn't take time before starting my new job. Now my mental health is worse