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17 Confessions From Police Officers That Will Definitely Shock You

I'm a cop. When I'm bored, I follow people with expired tired tags with no intention of pulling them over just to see them squirm.
I'm a cop and even though most of you hate me for my profession, I'll still give my life to protect you.
I'm a cop and, at least once a week, I use my siren just for fun.
I'm a cop, and I everyday before I start my shift I read the oath I took out loud to remind myself why I became a cop. I will always run towards the danger to protect those I serve for.
I'm a cop and I hate it when parents point at me and tell their kids "be good or he'll take you to jail"
No wonder people grow up to hate us.
I'm a cop and I feel guilty every time I break up a house party.

I had fun when I was younger, why can't they?
I'm a cop and when I pull someone over thats in a fast food restaurant uniform, I give them our local college application, not a ticket.
I'm a cop and sometimes I pull over good looking girls to get their numbers...
I'm a cop and sometimes when I see people speeding, I just follow them until they slow down to an appropriate speed.
I'm a cop. Last night I talked to a girl who was going to jump off an overpass bridge. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me when she gets out of the hospital. I hope I helped her.
I'm a cop and I refuse to write tickets to people old enough to 
be my grandparents. 

They've paid their dues in life already!
I'm a cop, whenever I see someone walking drunk in public, I give them a ride home because they're making a better choice then driving drunk
When I'm a cop, if people have a dog then I will pull them over just to pet their dog.
I'm a cop and you're damn right I run a check on women before I date them. I also do it on guys that date my ex wife. I don't want freaks around my kids.
I'm a cop and I just let a really pretty blonde girl wearing yoga pants out of a citation for speeding because she hugged me and told me I'm cute. I'm embarrassed as a cop, but couldn't help her smile
I'm a cop and I'm guilty of racial profiling....I never pull over people who I think might be illegal immigrants
 Yes I have a Harry Potter tattoo, Yes I'm in the military and yes I'm a cop. Talk shit, I'll break your nose.


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