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"I'm a lesbian pretending to be straight because I'm not ready to go to jail for it."
Secrets From LGBT Folks Struggling To Live Freely In The Middle East

I have two closets to come out of. It's hard to be a gay atheist in the middle east
I don't believe in hell because nothing could be worse than being LGBT and living in the middle east. Which I do. 18, gay
I suffer a lot being a gay guy living in the middle east ... but I'm still alive.  help me, god 😓
I am gay and from the Middle East. Currently on Twitter is a tag that is trending that has a bunch of LGBT people take pics of themselves. I wish I can as well.. But j can't thanks to where j live
Being gay in Iraq is basically guaranteed death
I'm a lesbian but i pretend to be straight .. Because to be honest i'm not ready to go to jail for it :) 
Sincerely someone living in the middle east