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First-Time Moms Reveal How They Felt Before Giving Birth
Giving birth is an exciting and stressful moment in every moms life. Whether it's your first kid or your tenth, there will always be a lot of emotions flying in the delivery room. However, emotions are typically higher than usual if you're a first time mom. From being calm to being crazy, these first time mothers reveal how they truly felt before giving birth.

Magical timing.

I spent my entire pregnancy in fear of labour and delivery,  but right before it happened I suddenly felt ready! It was like my body made me put on my brave face!


I felt my independence drifting away right before I gave birth. It's a bizarre feeling. However, it's so worth it! I love my baby!

At least the baby came home to a clean home!

I was so nervous before I gave birth & I had the urge to clean my house, which I did. I think it was my way to distract myself & avoid labor! Next thing I knew I was having contractions. Had my son an hour later!

Oh wow.

Because I had been in labor for 40 hours, I only really felt really tired before giving birth the first time.


I was induced after my due date, it was a joyous and painful experience. A lot of mixed emotions. Every bit worth it when I saw my baby boy

Mom guilt starts early sometimes.

I felt very scared before giving birth. I felt guilty that I let myself get too stressed out before he came because he was born early. My first birthing experience was traumatic. :(