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20 Smart Ways To Handle Your Boyfriend's Wandering Eye
The look but don't touch policy isn't always sustainable.

Being bisexual is the bomb. I don't mind when my boyfriend checks out other women, because I'm usually checking her out too and we can compare notes.
I piss off my boyfriend by not getting pissed off when he checks out other girls and tells me about it
I don't care if my bf checks out other girls, but I'm checking out other guys.
I secretly hate that my boyfriend checks out other girls even though I play along with him.
Caught my boyfriend checking out another woman at a wedding this weekend. He was sitting across from me when she walked behind him. He looked her toe to hair. Hurt like hell.
I caught my bf checking out his sons girlfriend. so pissed!!
I caught my boyfriend checking out another girl so i asked him to watch a movie with me, which movie? Magic Mike!
I caught my boyfriend checking out (I mean really staring) other girls while I was in his Lap. With his arms around me. It broke off a piece of my heart.
Caught my boyfriend checking out another woman's boobs today. I wish he wouldn't, it makes me feel really bad about myself.
My boyfriend had this crush on this one girl for two years before went out..he says he's over her but today I caught him staring at her ass..
When I see my boyfriend staring at another girl, I'm not mad that he's looking, just the fact that I'll never look as good as the girls that make him turn his head..
Today at Target there was a woman with a nice ass in a tight pair of jeans and heels walking in front of me and my girlfriend. We both caught each other checking her out and laughed about it after.
My bf stares at other women when we are out. I'm going to start obviously checking out men
His wandering eye upsets me because I know he just settled for me
My girlfriend says she loves me, and couldn't be more grateful that i am in her life, yet she constantly checks out other guys, knowing that i notice it, as well as making comments on how they look..what...
I'm cool checking out hot guys and girls with my Bf, but he's always talking about hot chicks he notices, it bothers me a bit. He's into small girls. I'm somewhere between skinny and curvy
Finding out My girlfriend is actually a huge Thot, checks out other dudes all the time, likes showing off her body and I know would cheat on me in a heartbeat even though she says she "loves" me
Im 7 months pregnant, and lately my bf has been checking out girls in front of me... I know he doesnt mean to hurt my feelings but right now i feel fat and it really makes me feel unwanted.
I get mad at my bf if I catch him watching porn or checking out other girls, but little does he know I check out girls and watch A LOT of porn. LOL I'm so mean
I always catch my bf of 13 years checking out pretty girls, it drives me crazy and I've told him about it before  but he says he doesn't know he is doing it. I'm soo fed up but that is the ONLY negative thing about him. What should I do?


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