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These Funny Compliments Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud
Compliments can come in all forms. Some people go after the obvious stuff and let you know that you have a nice smile or beautiful hair. Then there are the folks who compliment you on the strangest things that end up being pretty hilarious. If you're in the mood to laugh, these confessions will do the job. Just remember that no matter how bizarre or funny, a compliment is still a compliment!


"Even though you have red hair, you don't look soulless"

Thanks, dude from Tinder...

Mind your own business, dude!

I was breastfeeding while out and a guy walked up to me and said " damn woman, your breasts are pretty." 

I had to laugh!

WTF is right!

Friend: Someday I'm going to hell because of you
Me: Why?
Him: 1. You are just like the devil 2. You are a good friend that never lets the others alone
Me: WTF?


"I would say you're hot, but I'm Arabic, so you're the bomb!"

By far funniest compliment I have ever received.


My grandmother's friend told me that I have a cute butt.

I thought that was so funny!


Random dude: "Do you watch TWD? "
Me: "Not in years"
Him: "Well that's a shame, because you look like Jesus and he is one of the coolest characters"