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15 Unforgettable Last Words From Exes
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Cuts to the core.

The last words my ex said to me were "I'm not sure I want to marry you anymore." That hurt.

Sounds like it.

My ex boyfriend is a miserable person so the last thing he said to me was “I’m going to make your life a living hell".

Thanks but no thanks.

The last thing my ex said to me was “me and my wife are getting a divorce, can I come over”. Obviously that was a no.

Good riddance.

My ex told me "There's nothing to appreciate about you. Time with you feels like a punishment." That was the last I heard from her.

No ultimatums here.

The last thing my ex did was give me an ultimatum. When she said "it's me or your friends" I walked away for good.

As if there were no other options.

Me ex said "what did you expect?" after I found out she was cheating on me. That was the end of that.