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15 Kids Share Their Shocking Experiences With Ex-Stepparents
What is it like losing a stepparent after divorce? While accepting a stepmom or stepdad into your life as a child can be a difficult transition in and of itself, how do children cope when their stepparents transition out of their daily lives? Follow along as these people open up about their relationships with their ex-stepparents. They're not holding anything back.

It's hard to not get attached.

My ex-stepdad hasn't talked to me in ages.He promised we'd hang out for my birthday.It's been 3 months since my birthday and 1 and a half since he's texted me.😔 I'm never going to have have a father

An emotional bond never goes away.

My mom recently found out I still talk to my ex-stepdad. They were married for 10 years; did she really expect me to just stop speaking with him. He was a big part of my life.

Seeing them move on isn't easy.

My ex stepdad is having a baby and that makes me kinda sad... For some reason.

For some, it's awful.

My soon to be ex stepmom just moved out. Idk how to cheer my dad up, he's devastated…

It's tough to say goodbye.

I miss my "ex stepmom" but she found a new family...

You share a relationship unlike any other.

I think that my ex-stepdad and step Dad are and forever will be better than my "Sperm Donor"