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Top Surgery Confessions: 17 Transgender Men Share Their Thoughts
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. Every transgender male has a different transition story. Not everyone has top surgery, bottom surgery or both for the matter. These transgender men get real about their thoughts and experiences regarding top surgery, which is where the breasts are removed to appear less female looking. Hopefully these confessions inform you or inspire you, depending on who you are!

Sweet relief.

I’m transgender and for the first time in forever I finally went swimming! Two years after my top surgery. Felt pretty damn good.


I'm transgender male - I've been on hormones for 4 years and I just got approved to get top surgery. I've never been so happy.


I'm a transgender man. I've been on testosterone for 9 months and I'm seeing my surgeon for top surgery in a few weeks. It feels amazing becoming my true self. 
Never give up on who you want to be!


I used to be proud to be transgender. Now all I want is to get through with top surgery so that I can pass as male and not be threatened by all the bigots that showed themselves since the election.

Oh, wow.

My wedding is in 2 weeks I just got top surgery (I'm ftm transgender) and I'm wearing a suit and marrying a man. However, my parents think I'm wearing a dress and they think I'm a girl. I'm scared.

What a feeling.

I'm transgender and just got top surgery and I'm now finally the man I knew I was supposed to be.