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20 Ridiculous Ways People Tried To Impress Their Significant Other's Family
Meeting the parents is the often dreaded milestone for many people in relationships. There is a lot of pressure to make sure they love you and approve of your presence in their kid's life. If you make a horrible first impression, if may be very hard to erase. These 20 people open up about how they tried to win over the hearts of their significant others' parents. Some of these may inspire you for when it's your time to meet the family!

That can either go really well or really bad.

I decided to take AP Spanish this year to impress my boyfriend's family because my boyfriend is Mexican. His dad is my teacher... let the embarrassment begin.

Big spender.

I spent 500 dollars on a suit to impress his parents. I impressed them, but realized that he sucks!

You can't win them all.

I do the dishes by hand at my boyfriend's house just so his parents will like me more. Unfortunately, they still hate me.


I'm learning some information on football to impress my boyfriend's dad.

They may catch on to this lie.

I pretend I'm in school getting my masters just so my girlfriend's parents won't think I'm a loser! I don't know why I try to impress them, they hate me regardless.

The effort will be appreciated, hopefully.

Learning Hindi to try to impress my new boyfriend's mom.
Hopefully it will be a while before I meet her, this is going to be a while!