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Women Get Real About Their Strangest Pregnancy Symptoms
Not all pregnancies play out the same. All different kinds of emotions and symptoms accompany each woman during her pregnancy. Most soon-to-be mothers are familiar with the common symptoms that they will face. However, there are plenty of bodily changes that are so bizarre that nobody can see them coming. These confessions will show you how unique pregnancy symptoms can get.

Sounds messy.

I had excessive saliva production while pregnant.

I was basically drooling all the time.

Sometimes "mom mode" starts before the baby arrives.

I started to get nightmares in my 3rd trimester.
As soon as it was night, I’d be frozen in fear about someone breaking in.

Sounds like hell.

I broke out in hives around 6 months with my 2nd pregnancy. Doctor told me my body was treating my pregnancy as an allergy LOL :(
I was miserable.


My nipples were constantly on fire when I was pregnant. It drove me nuts! I don't wish that on anyone.


I started sleep walking half way through my first pregnancy. I had never slept walked in my life! SO strange.


My lips got puffy and they looked like I had lip injections. My gums also bled all the time! Weirdest pregnancy symptoms ever.