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Couples Reveal The Number One Thing They Can Never Agree On
Relationships are all about compromise, but there are some issues that will never be resolved. Despite the love you have for somebody, you're never going to agree with them 100% of the time. These couples share the one thing that they will never be able to agree on now or ever in their relationship. From mountains to mole hills, here are the topics of conflict for these individuals.

When you can't seem to find that middle ground!

My boyfriend and I can't agree on a name for our baby boy.  I'm afraid if I don't just agree with him, he won't love his son...

This is a big decision.

My boyfriend and I have a female pitbull puppy.. She's 6 months so I want to spay her so she doesn't go into heat every month in the house.. We can't agree on it and it's causing a lot of tension.

Aesthetics are important.

My boyfriend and I can't agree on what sort of house we want to buy. I'm worried about how it will affect our relationship.

Music sets the mood.

My boyfriend and I can never agree on what music to listen to during intimacy. We've gotten into fights over it.

Dogs say a lot about a person.

Because my boyfriend and I can't agree on what dog breeds we want, I'm seriously questioning our relationship because that's really important to me.

The struggle.

My husband and I can't watch tv together because we just can't agree on a channel. So we watch it in separate rooms.