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This Is What It's Like To Date Someone With Anxiety
What do you do when the love of your life struggles with anxiety? You want to be there for them, find the best remedies, and be supportive. However, it's a lot easier said than done. It can occasionally take a huge toll on your relationship. These 21 people explain how their partner's anxiety affects their relationship.

It's hard to know what to do.

My girlfriend is having an anxiety attack. I've never had one. How can I help her?

Long distance doesn't help.

I want to make my girlfriend feel better when she gets down or her anxiety gets bad, but I don't know how to, especially since most of our communication is over phone...

It can take a toll.

My girlfriend suffers from social anxiety and depression, so she doesn't work, however we have so many things to pay for that I can't afford alone. What do I do? I've worked 6 days straight already!

Some people can't take it.

My girlfriend of 2 years suffers from anxiety. It's very difficult for both of us. She causes so much stress in my life. I don't have the heart to break up with her but deep down I know I can't go on.

There are the ones who are extremely supportive.

My boyfriend (who last year was suicidal and this year diagnosed with anxiety) just applied for university❤ I'm so proud

An unlikely love story.

In Communications class, I was put in a group with this weird guy who would leave the room before a group assignment started. He has severe social anxiety. That weird guy is now my boyfriend.

You live with constant worry.

My boyfriend called me from boot camp today. He is in the hospital due to anxiety and depression. He now is being separated from the military until further notice. My heart hurts and I'm worried 💔

You want to help them.

My boyfriend loves me but has such bad anxiety that he always worries about me especially with drinking bc a Friend of his died from drinking.... help me help him

It takes a while to learn about.

My boyfriend admitted to me that he's had crippling social anxiety all his life and now I don't know how to deal with that

This is so sweet!

When my boyfriend has a bad day with his anxiety, he'll crawl in my lap and make me rub his back and play with his hair until he calms down...it's so cute 💘

You always want to do more.

My boyfriend has really bad social anxiety, I don't know how to help him. I have a lot already, he's made so many advancements but I want to know how to help him more. He has my heart. He is my heart.

She is still loved.

My girlfriend is struggling with chronic depression and anxiety. I just want her to know that she is still loved during this difficult time.

It's okay.

I love my girlfriend with all my heart and she makes me so happy, but she has major anxiety and it's so tiring keeping telling that she's a good girlfriend and that she doesn't do hugs/kisses wrong 😩

They think they're doing something wrong when they're not.

I love my girlfriend so so so much, and she loves me, but because of her anxiety she sometimes doesn't show it because she's scared of doing something wrong, like asking for a kiss at the wrong moment

Sometimes you both have it.

It's the worst having depression and anxiety when your girlfriend doesn't know and you have to help her with her anxiety but she can't help you.

It's not easy when they don't want help.

I love my girlfriend, but she won't seek help for her anxiety; she'd rather just suffer it and it makes me upset!

No one likes to be ignored.

My boyfriend ignores me a lot because of his anxiety. 
How can we have a relationship? 
It's hard.

You still love them.

I'm thinking of leaving my boyfriend because his depression and anxiety are so bad. Mine is better controlled but his depression and anxiety trigger my depression and anxiety. I still love him though.

It's a hard adjusment.

I love my girlfriend so much but her anxiety makes our relationship hard. I wish everything didn't have to be such a big deal. I feel like I walk on eggshells just to keep her from getting upset.

We need more people like you in the world.

When my girlfriend is about to have an anxiety attack and I pick up on it beforehand, I start singing to her to help calm her down.  Works everytime.


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